Handsome Lake District


The Prophet know as Handsome Lake was born in Ganowaugas around the year 1735. Handsome Lake was adopted by the Turtle Clan and was the half brother of Gyantwachia; The Cornplanter. During a long illness in the 1800’s he had a vision. Shortly there after he began to preach new religious beliefs that combined Christian ethics and the Iroquois religion, known today as the Code of Handsome Lake. The Code speaks against alcohol and all forms of abuse. It promotes family and community ties. He advocated giving up the Nomadic Native American life in favor of agriculture. Handsome Lake lived with his stepbrother Chief Cornplanter on the Seneca Reservation next to Camp Olmsted most of his life and died on August 10, 1815.Like Handsome Lake, the Boy Scouts of America have a deep religious commitment, belief in family values, helping others, preparing themselves both mentally and physically as well as obeying the law.

For these reasons we are proud to be named the Handsome Lake District.