Camp Olmsted

    Situated on the Allegheny Reservoir in the midst of the Allegheny National Forest, Camp        Olmsted provides nearly 500 acres of natural woodlands and offers a 31 mile waterfront          with water-skiing, motor-boating, and sailing, in addition to the more traditional water            activities of swimming, lifesaving, snorkeling, and BSA Lifeguard. Other program features      include a wide array of Nature Merit Badges and activities, an excellent Handicraft lodge        with opportunities to learn leather work, Indian crafts,woodcarving and more! The Field        Sports area features archery, .22 caliber rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders, and trap                      shooting!  Scoutcraft skills are a big part of the camp program. The Scoutcraft area                    specializes in teaching wilderness survival, camping, cooking, and pioneering skills.

Scouts attending camp for the first year will have the opportunity to participate in their own special program with other first-year Scouts. Earning your way to First Class will be the emphasis of the “Cornplanter Braves” program.

Whether this is your first year or you are a returning veteran of several seasons at Camp Olmsted, you’ll find new and exciting adventure behind every tree and/or rock!

High adventure opportunities abound at Camp Olmsted! Learn to climb and rappel on the camp’s climbing tower or spend a few days on the reservoir.



$50 deposit is required for each camper by April 16th.

$275 basic camp fee if paid by May 1st.

$325 if Troop pays after May 1st.

All Scout merit badge request lists Must be submitted by May 1st.

Leader Fee: First two leaders are free, $100 per leader thereafter to cover the cost of meals. Those volunteering their time in program areas will not be charged for camp attendance.

The biggest thing that might catch your attention is the large basic camp fee. This was instituted because many of our Troops do not pay on time and most do not turn in the list of the merit badges their Scouts want to take at camp. As you can imagine, this presents us with huge administrative problems in terms of what to order for camp and how many. It’s a huge frustration to the volunteer merit badge counselors at camp and we’ve needed to take action to address this. So, yes, the basic camp fee appears to be tremendous if paid late.. However, all a Troop needs to do is to pay by May 1st and submit a merit badge request list for all Scouts attending and they receive an automatic $50 per Scout reduction in the fee.

Please note: We will not accept any registrations after June 3rd, 2019.


All-Annual Medical Form

The Healthform can be downloaded Here. All overnight campers, staff and other volunteers staying overnight must have parts A & B and C all completed. This is a PDF file to print. Information cannot be saved on this form.

For a map of Camp Olmsted; Click Here