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Eagle Scout Badge

An Eagle Scout

True to his God and his Nation's Flag,

A boy whose loyalties never sag.

An adventurous sort of a rough, tough lad,

He'd share with anyone, all that he had.

He's cheerful and good, and he's filled with fun,

He always helps till the work is done.

No loafer is he, this young man with skill,

With his disciplined heart, mind and will.

He camps and cooks, he hikes and climbs,

He can sing a song or make a verse that rhymes.

He's a splendid youth with a lifetime goal,

He's the type of boy who's in control.

There's no better young man in this great land,

Than an Eagle Scout with a helping hand.

The rank of Eagle Scout is attained by less than four percent of all young men who join the Boy Scouts of America. The Eagle Award is a symbol of leadership and persistence.

There is no end to the Eagle Scout Trail!


May the spirit of Scouting live on with you forever!


Name of Eagle ScoutTroop #Chartered Partner
Jason Clever17Sugar Grove American Legion
Michael Crone6St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church
Ryan Haslett8First Presbyterian Church
Andrew Lang6St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church
Samuel Sherrard13North Warren Presbyterian Church
Jonathan Sterner55Midway C&M Alliance Church
Nowell Webster45St. John's Lutheran Church
Eric Zavinski8First Presbyterian Church


Name of Eagle ScoutTroop #Chartered Partner
Joshua Baker55Midway C&M Alliance Church
Daniel BonnerCrew 82Tidioute United Methodist Church
Derek Brown8First Presbyterian Church
Zachary Byers35Sheffield United Methodist Church
Josh Davidson8First Presbyterian Church
Brent Foster43The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Jesse Haugh43The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Joshua Jones22Irvine Presbyterian Church
Skyler Lester13North Warren Presbyterian Church
Timothy Lyon22Irvine Presbyterian Church
Jacob Scott9First United Methodist Church
Garrett Shaw45St. John's Lutheran Church
Jeremy Stover22Irvine Presbyterian Church
Michael Tenney9First United Methodist Church
Nathaniel Tenney9First United Methodist Church
Travis Woodburn17Sugar Grove American Legion


Name of Eagle ScoutTroop #Chartered Partner
Ethan Beardsley8First Presbyterian Church
Jonathan Brown22Irvine Presbyterian Church
Taylor Brunecz22Irvine Presbyterian Church
Philip Dorn13North Warren Presbyterian Church
Jonathan Durnell8First Presbyterian Church
Dillon Farrell14Russell Volunter Fire Department
Joshua Hopkins17Sugar Grove American Legion
Evan Marten13North Warren Presbyterian Church
Zachary McLaughlin22Irvine Presbyterian Church
Harshal Patel35Sheffield United Methodist Church
Nathaniel Ripoli55Midway C&M Alliance Church
Mark Risinger45St. John's Lutheran Church
Michael Trisket8First Presbyterian Church
John Wagner, Jr.14Russell Volunter Fire Department
Joshua Ward13North Warren Presbyterian Church
James Zorich8First Presbyterian Church


Name of Eagle ScoutTroop #Chartered Partner
Leo Braswell22Irvine Presbyterian Church
Travis Cunningham8First Presbyterian Church
Jake Lawson8First Presbyterian Church
Kyle Leichtenberger35Sheffield United Methodist Church
Logan Meyer45St. John's Lutheran Church
Dylan Moore45St. John's Lutheran Church
Chris Priester35Sheffield United Methodist Church
Hunter Proctor8First Presbyterian Church
Kurt Sherrard6St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church
Ethan Swanson17Sugar Grove American Legion
Eric Williams22Irvine Presbyterian Church
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