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2013 Endowment Campaign

Pledge Cards*, donations by check** or money orders may be sent directly to:
The Chief Cornplanter Council
2012 Endowment Campaign
316 Fourth Avenue
Warren, Pa. 16365

To find out why we do Endowment Campaigns, please "click here".

Individual Pledge Cards may be found "Here"

* Thank You patches will be sent when pledge payments are completed.
** Returned checks will be subject to a $35.00 "Returned Check Fee"."

Thank You Gift Year Endowment Donation Donate Through PayPal
Thank You Any Time $1.00 - $999.00

add a "James E. West Award"

Any Time $1000.00

Full set of F.O.S. Patches and a "James E. West Award"

Any Time $1500.00
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