Intrepreter Strip

"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?", "Se habla espa˝ol?", "Parlez-vous franšais?"
If you speak a foreign language, you may be able to wear an Intrepreter Strip on your uniform.

The Interpreter Strip is not an award... it is optional insignia, not temporary insignia. Its sole purpose is to serve as an immediate, visual cue to others that you are able to perform as an interpreter, when needed... not to award your ability to converse in another language. (This is also why its placement on your uniform is near your nameplate.)

Interpreter Strips are available to order for the following languages.

American Sign Language
Dutch (Nederlands)
French (Franšais)
German (Deutsch)
Mandarin, Simplified
Mandarin, Traditional
Spanish (Espa˝ol)

This does not limit you to these languages, National Supply will custom make a strip for any language not shown here.

Signing and American Sign Language are not the same thing; they are distinctly different forms of sign language for the hearing impaired.
The Signing interpreter strip (BSA Supply No. 00390) is still listed in the Insignia Guide, but no longer listed at ScoutStuff.Org.
You may still, however, be able to get it at a Scout shop, or order it through your Council Service Center or the BSA Supply Division (directly).

The requirements for the Interpreter Strip can be found here.

Information for being a Counselor for the Interpreter Strip can be found here.

Counselor that we currently have for the Interpreter Strip can be found here.

Take this Interpreter Strip Record with you when you talk to your Counselor. Download here.

Placement of the Interpreter Strip

Place the strip immediately above (and flush with) the BSA strip (above right pocket); but, below the Varsity and/or Venture strip(s), if applicable. For guidance, see: Insignia Guide, No. 33066.

You may wear more than one Interpreter Strip Ś one for each language which you qualify. Do not place multiple Interpreter Strips side-by-side; place one immediately above the other.