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Pennsylvania Mandated Clearances

The Chief Cornplanter Councils deadline to comply with PA Act 153 (Criminal Background Check) has been moved to May 1st, 2016. Thank you for your understanding as the Council works with volunteers to comply with this evolving Commonwealth law.

Some more information can be found at keepkidssafe.pa.gov.


PA Act 153 (Criminal Background Check) Resources

With the implementation of PA Act 153 of 2014, all volunteers registered with the Boy Scouts of America in the Moraine Trails Council, and adults helping the unit with youth on a regular basis, must have the required criminal background checks.

Here you will find the Council's Compliance Plan, an explanation of the legislation, the state disclosure statement for FBI fingerprinting exemption and any other relevant resources.

  • Pennsylvania Child Protection Legislation
    This document explains PA Act 153 of 2014.
  • Pennsylvania Disclosure Statement for Volunteers
    This is the disclosure statement provided by Pennsylvania to obtain an exemption from the FBI clearance requirement of PA Act 153. To qualify, you must have been a resident of PA during the entirety of the previous ten-year period.
  • Links for the PA State Police criminal history check and child abuse clearances.  Be prepared to enter all of the places you've lived since 1975 and all of the people you've lived with since 1975.

    The third criminal background check is the fingerprint-based FBI clearance.  Any volunteer aged 18 or older who hasn't lived in Pennsylvania for the last 10 years must be fingerprinted.  This is a multi-step process involving first registering and paying online then going to an authorized fingerprint location.  To begin, register here.  If you HAVE been a resident of PA for the last 10 years in a row, you can skip the FBI fingerprinting and submit the PA Disclosure Statement instead.

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