Short Term Camping


  1. No building will be opened until the leader in charge checks in with the Camp Ranger.
  2. Applications and full fee must be received at the Betts Service Center to lock in your reservation. Phone reservations will be held for 15 days after the application is mailed.
  3. Campers must remain in the parking area until the leader in charge checks in.
  4. All unburnable garbage must be removed from camp.
  5. The unit is responsible for all damages incurred. The leader in charge must sign a damage report before leaving camp.
  6. All buildings and grounds must be left clean.
  7. A supply of firewood must be left for the next group using the building. Remember a Scout is courteous.
  8. You must attain prior permission from the Camp Ranger to fish. You must have a current Pennsylvania fishing license.
  9. Vehicles are to be left in the parking areas. Vehicles may travel on camp roads with permission from the Camp RAnger.
  10. No firearms are permitted in camp.
  11. No gasoline fuel is permitted in camp.
  12. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances of any kind are permitted in camp
  13. All groups will be turned away for not bringing the proper paperwork with them.


Lodges Available:

– Lampe
– Upper Troop Lodge
– Kiwanis Lodge

All Lodges are equipped with the following:

– Capacity for 25 people
– Electricity
– Refrigerator
– Wood stoves

Rental Fees: (based on Friday to Sunday usage) can be found here HERE.

The Dining Hall (with or without Kitchen use), Health Lodge and Cooks Cabin are considered “Restricted Use Facilities”. These facilities are available for special use but are restricted in general

Rental Fees: (based on Friday to Sunday usage) can be found here HERE.


Sites Available:

– Any campsite in camp

Rental Fees: (based on Friday to Sunday usage) can be found here HERE.

For a map of Camp Olmsted; Click Here.

Camp Olmsted’s Short Term Camp Application (29.0 KB PDF file)


Camp Olmsted’s Canoe Rental Application (9.0 KB PDF file)