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Our youth deserve trained leaders. The BSA has made getting trained easier, by providing online training opportunities for you. Please follow the links provided here to complete your training. It will be necessary to create an account to sign into the training site.


Types of Training


Fast Start training remains essentially unchanged. It continues to provide an immediate comfort level for new leaders and enables them to say "I can do this!" Fast Start training is the first step for any new volunteer and is to be delivered immediately after a new leader registers and before he or she meets with any youth.

Computer-based Boy Scout and Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Training have been developed and are now available for councils to include in their nationally approved Web sites.

This interactive training experience takes new leaders through a "What Every Cub Scout Leader Should Know" section, and then allows them to choose the training appropriate to their Cub Scouting position. Specific training sessions for new Cub Scout den leaders, Webelos den leaders, Cubmasters, pack committee members, and Tiger Cub coaches are included. Councils will have the capability to track completion of this training by individual leaders.

This Fast Start Training has also been designed to serve as a continuing resource. It includes a glossary of Cub Scouting terms that can be printed. 

Cub Scout FASTSTART Training

To be able to view this training go to BSA Online Learning Center

Boy Scout FASTSTART Training

This online Fast Start training is a quick orientation to help you get ready for your first Boy Scout meeting. The training is divided into five sections:

* The Troop Meeting
* The Troop Committee
* The Outdoor Program
* Basic Concepts of Scouting
* The Scout Uniform

You may review these sections all at once, or one at a time (in any order). There is no time limit, nor do you need to review all sections from the same computer.

Most of the content is text-based, so you do not need to download any software (other than your Web browser) to take the training. However, there are a number of multimedia enhancements that are included to further explain or illustrate certain concepts, so the training experience will be more extensive and enjoyable if you have the following browser plug-ins:

* QuickTime (download from www.apple.com)
* Flash player (download from www.macromedia.com)

At the end of each section, there is a form to provide your name and council so that you may be credited for taking Fast Start training online.

If you would prefer to take Fast Start training offline, every Pack and Troop has a dvd that was provided by the Council for that purpose.

To be able to view this training go to BSA Online Learning Center

Safe Swim Defense/Safety Afloat

Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat training now have online training modules available. Currently, there is no direct reporting mechanism for Chief Cornplanter Council to know that you have successfully completed this online training. After you complete the online training you will get a printed certificate that you must forward or copy to the Betts Service Center in order to have it added to your training record. It is recommended that Safe Swim Defense be completed prior to Safety Afloat.

Click on The Risk Zone emblem above to continue.

NOTE: The training module requires the user to have the current version of the Macromedia Flash plug-in. Users who lack this plug-in will be directed to download it from Macromedia's Web site.



Are you a new Cub Scout Leader? Are you confused about what Cub Scouting is and what your role is?

New Leader Essentials and the various breakout sessions of Cub Leader basic training is designed just for you and your needs. It is an opportunity for you and your leaders to get all those questions answered about how to organize and run a successful Cub Scout Pack. The Cub Scout Leader Specific Training courses in the Handsome Lake District are organized by Dan Glotz and a staff of Cub Scout leaders with years of accumulated experience. Plan now to attend as a group and make it more fun for all.

Upcoming district training courses: TBA (to be announced), see schedule in calendar above.

  • New Leader Essentials

  • Cub Leader breakout sessions

  • New Leader Essentials

  • Cub Leader breakout sessions

Additionally, any Pack interested in hosting a Cub Scout Leader Basic Training course is asked to call Dan. Dan and his training team are willing to go on the road to meet the training needs of the packs in the Handsome Lake.

Pack trainer is a new Cub Scout leadership position

Less than half of the registered leaders in Cub Scout packs have completed basic training for their positions. To improve this record, the Cub Scout position of pack trainer is being introduced.

The pack trainer:

  • must meet BSA membership requirements, be at least 21 years of age, and register with Boy Scouts of America as a pack trainer. (It is recommended that the pack trainer have at least one year of experience in a leadership position in Cub Scouting, preferably as a Cub Cub or Webelos Den Leader.)
  • is selected by the pack committee, with the approval of the chartered organization.
  • should be trained in a Trainer Development Conference and, of course, have completed a training session before teaching one.

The pack trainer is responsible for:

  • conducting orientation of new families and new pack leaders.
  • training each new leader and pack committee member for his or her specific position, using material in the training manuals New Leader Essentials (BSA No. 34870) and Cub Scout Leader Specific Training (No. 34875).
  • encouraging pack leaders to attend ongoing training, such as roundtable; pow wow or University of Scouting; outdoor training; Youth Protection training; and Wood Badge.
  • staying current with training materials and program updates.
  • keeping track of pack training records.



The new Basic Leader Training is composed of two parts: New Leader Essentials, for all unit-level leaders, and New Leader Specific Training, based on the leader's unit-level position.

  • New Leader Essentials

New Leader Essentials is an introductory session that highlights the values, aims, history, funding, and methods of Scouting. It addresses how these aims and methods are reached in an age-appropriate style within Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing. Videos, discussions, and hands-on reinforcement are presented during the 90-minute training session. Ideally, all unit-based volunteers---Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Venturing leaders---take this session at the same time, so they understand that they are all striving for the same results with the youth they serve. Each leader completes New Leader Essentials training only once.

Benefits of New Leader Essentials

  • Better assists our movement in implementing the full Scouting program with chartered organizations.
  • Provides a better understanding of the advantages of encouraging youth and adult volunteers to move through the traditional programs as their youth mature.
  • Creates an awareness of the different aspects of the Scouting program, which may result in leaders taking advantage of those programs for a child in a different age group.
  • New Leader Specific Training

Once a volunteer has a solid overview of the Boy Scouts of America's value-based program, they can then begin training for their Scouting position through Leader Specific Training. This training provides the specialized knowledge a new leader needs to assume a leadership role. Because each course is designed for a specific leadership position, the training time varies. Leader Specific Training has been developed for the following positions and their assistants.

  • Tiger Cub den leaders
  • Cub Scout den leaders
  • Webelos den leaders
  • Cubmasters
  • Pack committee members
  • Scoutmasters
  • Troop committee members
  • Venturing committee members
  • Venturing Advisors
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Outdoor skills are critical to the success of the Scouting program. Waiting for a volunteer to attend a Wood Badge course to receive those skills is too long to wait. To address this issue, Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills will become the required outdoor training for all Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, and Varsity Scout coaches. The skill taught are based on the Scouting skills found in The Boy Scout Handbook. The course is also ideal for Venturing leaders since it focuses on skills that build confidence and competence in leaders conducting outdoor camping experiences.

The course is a day and a half long, but a leader can move at an accelerated pace by showing that they have mastered a specific skill. The emphasis is on the skill, rather than on attending the course. To be considered trained, these leaders must complete the Leader Specific Training and this new course.

trained.gif (1622 bytes)

Basic Leader Training is designed for maximum flexibility. The sessions can be delivered over time---training on one or more evenings a week or month---or in a one-day training event that incorporates all program areas. It is suitable for large or small groups and may be presented to leaders of one or more units each time. Each council and district may decide the appropriate delivery method, keeping in mind that the focus is to remove roadblocks and achieve 100 percent trained leaders.

Cub Scout/Boy Scout Leaders Meetings

Handsome Lake District Leaders Meetings:

Handsome Lake District Leaders Meetings are held:

WHEN: Usually the first Thursday of each month, check calendar

7:00PM Program Presentations

WHERE: First Presbyterian Church, 3rd & Market Streets, Warren

WHO MAY ATTEND: Any and all registered adult leaders: Cub/Scoutmaster, Den Leaders, Chartered Organization Representatives, Committee Chair, Committee Member, Assistant Leaders, Merit Badge Counselors. Donít come alone, bring someone so you can share the FUN!!!!

For further information, please contact

the Betts Scout Service Center at 723-6700

Hope to see you at the next Leaders Meeting!!!

Types of Cub Scout Training

Pow Wow

An annual get-together of Cub Scout Leaders from the entire council. Exciting, fun-filled, informative training. All registered and any interested parents are invited to attend.

Den Leader Coach

Leaders to serve as den leader coaches within their packs must attend basic training and also a one-day den leader coach training session to be considered trained for the position. Den Leader Coaches must have certain qualifications as outlined in the Cub Scout Leader Book.

Den Chief Training

Training for Scouts acting as, or soon to be Den Chiefs.

Webelos Leader Outdoor Training

Release of new Basic Leader Training materials has resulted in some confusion regarding the status of Webelos Leader Outdoor Training. 

There are no changes in Webelos Leader Outdoor Training. The course outline is in the publication Cub Scout Leader Training (BSA No. 34700).

Webelos Leader Outdoor Training is supplemental training and is not required for a Webelos leader to be considered "trained." It is however, a requirement for earning the Webelos Den Leader Award.

Webelos Woods

Webelos Woods is a day activity in which Boy Scout Troops put together a show and do trail for Webelos to experience and get a taste of Boy Scout skills and activities, enticing them to complete their trail to the Arrow of Light and join a Troop to "Trail the Eagle". .

Youth Protection

A 64-minute video designed for the distributing of information about Youth Protection policies, such as barriers to abuse within Scouting. This video is often presented at a Roundtable.

To register for one of the courses listed above, or to receive more information, please call the Betts Service Center 723-6700, or you can click on the Email address below. Be sure to include your name, phone number, unit, and training course you're interested in.

Email cccbsa@atlanticbbn.net

2014 Cub Leader Training Staff

Ernie Crawford, Cub Scouting experience - 8 yrs., Star Rank - Boy Scouts, Cub Woodbadge, Cub Training Staff - 8 yrs.

Dan Glotz, Council Training Chair - 12 yrs., Cub Scouting experience - 6 yrs., Boy Scouting experience - 9 yrs., Cub Training Staff - 14 yrs.


Boy Scout Training

Junior Leader Training

For your troop's key youth leaders. This program is carried out at the troop level by the troop leaders.



Merit Badge Counselor-Orientation

For new Merit Badge Counselors.

Youth Protection

A 64-minute dvd designed for the distributing of information about Youth Protection policies, such as barriers to abuse within Scouting. This video is often presented at a Roundtable.

To register for one of the courses listed above, or to receive more information, please call the Betts Scout Service Center 723-6700.

2016 Boy Scout Training Staff

Denny Mattison, Boy Scouting experience - Scoutmaster Troop 33.



What's the easiest way to get your Cub Scout leaders to training? Host the training in your town, in your facility.

The Handsome Lake district is trying something new this year, instead of all of the Cub Scout Leader Specific training courses being held in Warren, most of the courses will be offered in other towns around the district.

What does your Pack need to do if it hosts the training?

Secure the location. - Make sure we have a location that is large enough to handle as many as 20 people with the ability to break up into smaller areas.

Provide the refreshments. - COFFEE, bug juice, lemonade, iced tea, cookies, doughnuts, popcorn, whatever you have...

Get your leaders to attend. - This program won't do much good for your Pack if your leaders do not attend the course.

Communicate the date. - Call the leaders of the other Packs in you area and get them to commit to sending their leaders.

Attend training. - Set the example for your leaders. If you can go to training, so can they.

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